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"I am always on the lookout for new games I can bring to my class for recess on days we can't go outside. I was so excited when I was able to bring a Pajaggle board to school. It was a huge hit! We were all so involved in this game, we almost missed getting on the buses. Each round didn't take too long to play, so it was easy to get everyone a turn to play. Now I'm going to have to order more so I can have more games going at once during recess. Plus, since it's made in the USA, I am a huge supporter. I highly recommend this game. Not only would this game be the perfect addition to any game cabinet for a classroom, but at home as well. "

—Petite Peachy
New York

"The more you play, the more you want to play.....play by yourself or with a group of people, Pajaggle is always an option.."

Geek Mom

"We were in Uncle’s games in Redmond Town Center a few weeks ago and they had the game out as an example. We played for a while and really liked it so we bought 3 thinking we would give them as presents but as the weeks have gone on we opened the first one, then the next and then the third and now we play with them all together. Our six year old neighbor played all afternoon with one of the boards and insisted on taking one home to show her parents! So I guess we’re down another one. Anyway, thank you again for designing such a great game. It’s a great way to connect with kids. I’m a pediatrician and am always on the lookout for things like this, so thank you again!"

—Dr. Jeannie Larsen ,
Mercer Island, WA

"I love Pajaggle!!!!!!! Addictive, Intriguing"

—Jamie Bear ,
Hillsboro, OR

" A great solution for cabin fever."

—R. Van Arsdall,
Mom Magazine

" We played Pajaggle today camping with my 86 year old dad my 5 year old grand daughter and my 13 year old son. Fun for all ages!"

—Tina T
McMinnville, OR

" During Game Time, our Pajaggle boards are never idle. Of the many board games available, kids choose Pajaggle. What I find most interesting, is that Pajaggle has a bigger impact in terms of actually making a difference in kids' lives was when we use the Pajaggle boards in our headquarters.

Headquarters is kind of like the principal's office, this is where kids go when they're in trouble, having a fight, misbehaving, etc. During this summer's program, on multiple occasions, when a child was intractable and would have otherwise just screamed/cried/pouted/or gone silent and unresponsive, we got out the Pajaggle board and dumped out the pieces. Having a physical task to do with their hands distracted the child(ren) from their misbehavior or upset feelings. It helped them calm down, and then helped them talk through their problems.

In one particular story, two 3rd grade boys had had a huge fight and were unwilling to make up. They sat in headquarters a long while, unwilling to talk or forgive each other. An intern got the idea of having them play Pajaggle, and before long, they'd forgotten about their differences, they forgave each other, and by the end of the day were fast friends again. "

—Heath Cloutier, Executive Director
PUMPWORKS, Portland Urban Missionary Project
Portland, OR

" I love this fabulous game because, unlike traditional puzzles, it calls on a myriad skill sets to make order out of the chaos of all of those pieces. When you play Pajaggle you are engaging that part of your brain that is directly linked to both spacial recognition and perception as well as touch and coordination. It's multi-sensory and exercises parts of our brains and eyes that are often neglected in contemporary pursuits, most especially with media and screens. My daughter loves it and so do I."

—Ann Bradford
Corvallis, OR

"My students play Pajaggle™ and love it...what a great game!"

—Tina Jones, 1st Grade Teacher
Corvallis, OR

"The kids love the game! My eldest daughter loves the board game and has been developing strategies. Her best score now is 3min 12 sec. Recently, when she was home with the flu, Pajaggle was the best therapy for her. Thanks."

—Monica Schuerkamp, Assistant Director
Academic and Enrichment Programs
Corvallis Boys and Girls Club, OR

"My son Rio, attends Village Glen, School for Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Sherman Oaks, CA. He is in the Pace Program. I brought home a Pajaggle board to see his reaction. The first time he played he was a bit frustrated. In fact, he was trying to “game” the game, by placing the pieces very near the sockets before he started playing. I helped him to understand that you keep the pieces jumbled and to try again. His second time he got hooked. In fact, so much that he played non stop for the next 3.5 hours. He told me that the game was great. The next morning he wanted to first play Pajaggle before school. Two days later, two friends, also autistic, came over for the weekend and they played, you guessed it…..Pajaggle.

Several months have passed, and we don't play as often as when we first got the game but, but Pajaggle is always out on display and when anyone new comes by we make a point to show it. Rio is always keen to demonstrate how it's done. He's definitely faster now and loves to show off. One of things interesting is that appears Pajaggle has helped his recognition skills. Recently, I gave another board to Rio's uncle Frank, where Rio spends an occasional weekend. They both love to compete and always play a few rounds when he's there. It's hilarious to see them play. Both use dramatic gestures and such to help confuse each other. Big picture, Pajaggle is “the game.” Thank you."

—David Wagner
Los Angeles, CA

"Played my first game of Pajaggle on your online site. Awesome."

—Teresa Sessums
San Antonio, TX

"During Christmas, my 7 year old granddaughter, my wife and I played for 4 hours. Our granddaughter didn't want to quit. In fact, she recently visited us a few weeks after Christmas. The first thing she said to me 'I want to play that game we played at Christmas' Before you knew it, Grandma and I played with our granddaughter for 1 1/2 hours...Great game!"

—Robert Stemmler
Villa Park, CA

"This year I bought Pajaggle boards for many of my clients, friends, and family. I could not believe the response. I’ve had a ton of e-mails saying thanks for a great a game."

—David Mickelson
Oceanside, CA

"I received a Pajaggle™ board for Christmas and just love it. I've been playing nearly everyday. I played it with my grandkids and they loved it. I bought another board and now have mini Pajaggle tournments with my grandchildren. What a fun game!"

—Carol Layne
Houston, TX

"I love pajaggle, we play it everyday in class!"

—Amy Elizabeth Van Beek
Corvallis, OR