Pajaggle™ (pa-jag-gul): The only game in the world in which anyone and everyone can play.
1.   A unique spatial recognition game that everyone loves to play.
2.   A unique puzzle that folks love to play again and again.
3.   An exercise tool that exercises the mind and body at the same time.
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Pajiggle (pa-jig-gul): To place a Pajaggle™ piece into a similar yet wrong Pajaggle™ Socket.
Remember you never want to Pajiggle, when you're playing Pajaggle.

Pajiggle (pa-jig-gul) Holes: On the back of each Pajaggle™ Board are tiny holes that assist in using a Pajiggler tool to pop out misplaced Pajaggle™ piece.

Pajiggler (pa-jig-gul-r) Two definitions
1.   Person: The person that has just pajaggled.
2.   Tool: A narrow point such as a pen that is punch threw a Pajiggle Hole to pop out a Pajaggle™ insert.

Jaggle (jag-gul): An interlocking Pajaggle™ piece that is commonly known as a Pajaggle™ Ring.

Pajaggle™ Throw: A white cloth that is used to drop Pajaggle™ pieces into, as well as a cloth that can be used to clean and polish your Pajaggle™ Board.

Pajaggling (pa-jig-gul-ing): To have fun with friends and family playing a great game of Pajaggle™.