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How do you Pajaggle?

Just found this on YouTube so we thought it might be a good time to ask – How do you Pajaggle?
Want to get your own game?  Find your own game right here at

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Da Vinci Days Corvallis Oregon, July 18th-19th, 2009

Thank you to everyone who we had the pleasure of meeting at Da Vinci Days!

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Pajaggle – One Giant Jigsaw Puzzle

This morning we had the pleasure of having an article about Pajaggle’s newest game in this mornings addition of the Gazette Times. It was a pleasure to share our story with them.

Local creator hopes Pajaggle catches on worldwide
By Alex Paul
Gazette-Times reporter
Pajaggle? (pa-jag-gul)
Don’t bother looking it up in a dictionary, the definition isn’t there [...]

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Pajaggle! – Everyone can play.

Pajaggle is an activity that everyone can play. It’s our slogan and we truly believe it. We also believe that something amazing happens when a game becomes more then just a game. So, why can everyone play? I would like to share a personal story that is close to my heart so [...]

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