Pajaggle has been evolving this past year. We have been fortunate to meet with store owners, families, and Pajagglers across this great country. You have shared insights which we have incorporated into our designs. We are also happy to report: Our manufacturing is still in America. As this magical year draws to a close, I thought it would be helpful to share with you what makes Pajaggle different and why it’s not just another company. The best way to convey who we are, is to share a story from earlier this year.

We were at a grade school supporting a fund raising event in the early fall. There were a lot of children involved in a variety of activities with their parents and grandparents enjoying the beautiful afternoon. It is a pretty wonderful job we have! Since this was an outdoor event, we left the Pajaggle Boards at the office (can I say, “Pajaggle World Headquarters”?) and brought Pajaggle Sport. One of the games played with Sport is called “Rush”. The kids were all laughing, cheering, sweating, and having a fabulous time. One of the parents came to me and said, “This is a wonderful game. What is it?”

I could have answered the question by merely saying this is Pajaggle Sport ,which is a durable game that can be played in many ways. However, recently, I had the opportunity to listen to the author, Simon Sinek, who wrote a book titled “Start with Why” (great book). He writes of the Golden Circle, which is a series of three concentric circles. In the middle is Why, the next ring out is How, the outer ring is What. Essentially, we typically answer the “What” questions, but rarely answer the “Why” Question.

I responded by telling the parent what Pajaggle the company represents. Specifically, why we have a deep set of beliefs that brought us to this school to support the fund raiser, play with the kids, and share with the parents and faculty. We believe people want to be together, to do things together. I shared with this supportive parent that every Pajaggle game is designed to bring people together; to allow them to play together – cooperatively or competitively. We watched the kids for a moment as they enjoyed playing together. Then I told her, “The kids are playing ‘Rush’ with Pajaggle Sport.”

I relate this story and the background to share the core beliefs we have at Pajaggle. We take our responsibilities seriously. As parents, we choose to spend time with our families and guide their growth. We play Pajaggle and a lot of other games – together. We spend time at our children’s schools and coach their teams. We do this to build a better future.

At the school event, we had the opportunity to meet families who choose to make a difference in the lives of children – and not only their children, rather, they are working to develop better citizens and future leaders. It is an awesome responsibility (maybe a bit overwhelming) when you realize the responsibility of training those children who will take this world into the 22nd Century. We were delighted to be part of fun, by playing games, by having both young and old participate. And we were able to witness how Pajaggle can in fact make a difference.

As I reflect on this year of activities, I’m reminded of my own life. My grandparents were born at a time when travel by horse was a normal necessity of daily life; and at the time of their passing, everyone now had regularly scheduled air travel. Over a ninety year span, there has been a significant change in the world. I am told the changes we will see in the next 90 years will far exceed what my grandparents witnessed. Yes, given all the technological developments that will continue to occur, the inherent desire for all of us to be together was true then and it is still so very true today. The need to be with our kids and our kids with us is paramount to the success of our collective future. Our hope and continued goal is for Pajaggle products to be part of this ongoing desire to be together and moreover, provide a playful gaming platform today, even in the midst of rapidity changing environment, for us to support and nurturer our future leaders of tomorrow. That’s why we created Pajaggle!

Thank you for joining us in building a bright & strong future!