Mike Brown

What makes Pajaggle different is that Bill Witt (creator) and I spent a lot of time just working hard to make the product work.  We didn’t follow the traditional start-up methodology of spending precious moments worrying about a business plan and putting together Power Point slides to show how interesting and terrific our ideas are.  We just started working hard to make the product so that our customers could tell us what we already thought – “Great game!”  Our three favorite words “Let’s play again!” became the desired outcome.

Now don’t get me wrong.  We penciled out on the back of the scrap paper…pricing, costs, and unit volumes.  We filed patents and trademarks and worked hard on what it means to be Pajaggle on branding.  We invented games, explored colors, changed materials and discussed what we wanted to do to build a company and what were the inherent attributes we were looking for in the people.  The cultural aspects of our company we wanted based on the the following ideas:

  1. You had to like playing the game of Pajaggle.  If you didn’t like to play it ..no matter how amazing you are as an individual…the job would be just a job.  We wanted passionately involved people.
  2. We adopted a “vote” mentality.  You vote with your actions and not your words.  Bill and I have been around way to long where the “talking” was more than the doing in some of the businesses we had been in.  So…we began to offer opportunities to different people…which we couldn’t pay a a salary for.  We made a promise to become a employee owned business.
  3. I worked with a company called W. L. Gore and Associates which is a private company (revenue is now in the Billions) and employee owned.  I’ve been modeling our business structure based upon that philosophy.
  4. We are not interested in outsourcing our product to China.  We were interested in developing world class manufacturing capability to supply the world or at least North America and finally,
  5. We discovered that everyone can play, there is this connection that happens during the game and well it was fun!  We’ve had 3 year old to  97 year old play the game.  Shortly we will play the game with sight impaired (blind) in order to really push the concept…so we have this amazing mixture of fun, inclusiveness and connectivity.

I invite you connect with us as we continue to grow as a company.  We’ve just launched the website www.pajaggle.com to begin to offer the product into the industry.  We are also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  We are beginning to crawl….

Mike Brown

CEO, Pajaggle