This morning we had the pleasure of having an article about Pajaggle’s newest game in this mornings addition of the Gazette Times. It was a pleasure to share our story with them.


Local creator hopes Pajaggle catches on worldwide

By Alex Paul
Gazette-Times reporter

Pajaggle? (pa-jag-gul)

Don’t bother looking it up in a dictionary, the definition isn’t there — at least not yet.

But if Corvallis inventor Bill Witt’s goal of making Pajaggle the most played board game in the world comes true, it soon will be. The name is a word play based on the jigsaw puzzle.

The idea came to Witt in February, and with fewer than 100 Pajaggle boards in the hands of players, the enthusiastic attorney and certified public accountant has a way to go to before Pajaggle is as well known as name as, say, Scrabble. But Witt is confident the game will have international appeal because he believes it is a game anyone and everyone can play — from 3-year-olds to senior citizens.

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