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22nd Century

Pajaggle has been evolving this past year. We have been fortunate to meet with store owners, families, and Pajagglers across this great country. You have shared insights which we have incorporated into our designs. We are also happy to report: Our manufacturing is still in America. As this magical year draws to a [...]

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Winding Down 2009

Is it too cliché to say this past year has been a whirlwind?
Pajaggle was conceived circa February this year, the first product released in July! The release of the Pajaggle Board was quickly followed by Pajaggle Sport, but we’re not finished…coming soon, Pajaggle Rings!
Do you have a Pajaggle Board and want to share the fun [...]

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Pajaggle – One Giant Jigsaw Puzzle

This morning we had the pleasure of having an article about Pajaggle’s newest game in this mornings addition of the Gazette Times. It was a pleasure to share our story with them.

Local creator hopes Pajaggle catches on worldwide
By Alex Paul
Gazette-Times reporter
Pajaggle? (pa-jag-gul)
Don’t bother looking it up in a dictionary, the definition isn’t there [...]

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Pajaggle now has a blog!  What is Pajaggle you ask?  Check out our video to find out more.

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