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Pajaggle has been evolving this past year. We have been fortunate to meet with store owners, families, and Pajagglers across this great country. You have shared insights which we have incorporated into our designs. We are also happy to report: Our manufacturing is still in America. As this magical year draws to a close, I thought it would be helpful to share with you what makes Pajaggle different and why it’s not just another company. The best way to convey who we are, is to share a story from earlier this year.

We were at a grade school supporting a fund raising event in the early fall. There were a lot of children involved in a variety of activities with their parents and grandparents enjoying the beautiful afternoon. It is a pretty wonderful job we have! Since this was an outdoor event, we left the Pajaggle Boards at the office (can I say, “Pajaggle World Headquarters”?) and brought Pajaggle Sport. One of the games played with Sport is called “Rush”. The kids were all laughing, cheering, sweating, and having a fabulous time. One of the parents came to me and said, “This is a wonderful game. What is it?”

I could have answered the question by merely saying this is Pajaggle Sport ,which is a durable game that can be played in many ways. However, recently, I had the opportunity to listen to the author, Simon Sinek, who wrote a book titled “Start with Why” (great book). He writes of the Golden Circle, which is a series of three concentric circles. In the middle is Why, the next ring out is How, the outer ring is What. Essentially, we typically answer the “What” questions, but rarely answer the “Why” Question.

I responded by telling the parent what Pajaggle the company represents. Specifically, why we have a deep set of beliefs that brought us to this school to support the fund raiser, play with the kids, and share with the parents and faculty. We believe people want to be together, to do things together. I shared with this supportive parent that every Pajaggle game is designed to bring people together; to allow them to play together – cooperatively or competitively. We watched the kids for a moment as they enjoyed playing together. Then I told her, “The kids are playing ‘Rush’ with Pajaggle Sport.”

I relate this story and the background to share the core beliefs we have at Pajaggle. We take our responsibilities seriously. As parents, we choose to spend time with our families and guide their growth. We play Pajaggle and a lot of other games – together. We spend time at our children’s schools and coach their teams. We do this to build a better future.

At the school event, we had the opportunity to meet families who choose to make a difference in the lives of children – and not only their children, rather, they are working to develop better citizens and future leaders. It is an awesome responsibility (maybe a bit overwhelming) when you realize the responsibility of training those children who will take this world into the 22nd Century. We were delighted to be part of fun, by playing games, by having both young and old participate. And we were able to witness how Pajaggle can in fact make a difference.

As I reflect on this year of activities, I’m reminded of my own life. My grandparents were born at a time when travel by horse was a normal necessity of daily life; and at the time of their passing, everyone now had regularly scheduled air travel. Over a ninety year span, there has been a significant change in the world. I am told the changes we will see in the next 90 years will far exceed what my grandparents witnessed. Yes, given all the technological developments that will continue to occur, the inherent desire for all of us to be together was true then and it is still so very true today. The need to be with our kids and our kids with us is paramount to the success of our collective future. Our hope and continued goal is for Pajaggle products to be part of this ongoing desire to be together and moreover, provide a playful gaming platform today, even in the midst of rapidity changing environment, for us to support and nurturer our future leaders of tomorrow. That’s why we created Pajaggle!

Thank you for joining us in building a bright & strong future!

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Winding Down 2009

Is it too cliché to say this past year has been a whirlwind?

Pajaggle was conceived circa February this year, the first product released in July! The release of the Pajaggle Board was quickly followed by Pajaggle Sport, but we’re not finished…coming soon, Pajaggle Rings!

Do you have a Pajaggle Board and want to share the fun with friends? Send them to ePajaggle: http://www.pajaggle.com/epajaggle.html.

How does it all happen so fast?

The true power is a dedication to create & develop games that bring people together. The people behind the design, development, and manufacturing of Pajaggle Games have incredible families and fabulous friends. We like to hang out together, play games, talk, and dream – does it get any better?

The year 2009 is coming to an end and 2010 is just beginning. The things that are important are great!

We wish you, your family, and friends the best this coming year.

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How do you Pajaggle?

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Just found this on YouTube so we thought it might be a good time to ask – How do you Pajaggle?

Want to get your own game?  Find your own game right here at Pajaggle.com

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Da Vinci Days Corvallis Oregon, July 18th-19th, 2009

Thank you to everyone who we had the pleasure of meeting at Da Vinci Days!

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Pajaggle – One Giant Jigsaw Puzzle

This morning we had the pleasure of having an article about Pajaggle’s newest game in this mornings addition of the Gazette Times. It was a pleasure to share our story with them.


Local creator hopes Pajaggle catches on worldwide

By Alex Paul
Gazette-Times reporter

Pajaggle? (pa-jag-gul)

Don’t bother looking it up in a dictionary, the definition isn’t there — at least not yet.

But if Corvallis inventor Bill Witt’s goal of making Pajaggle the most played board game in the world comes true, it soon will be. The name is a word play based on the jigsaw puzzle.

The idea came to Witt in February, and with fewer than 100 Pajaggle boards in the hands of players, the enthusiastic attorney and certified public accountant has a way to go to before Pajaggle is as well known as name as, say, Scrabble. But Witt is confident the game will have international appeal because he believes it is a game anyone and everyone can play — from 3-year-olds to senior citizens.

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Team Pajaggle

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Pajaggle! – Everyone can play.

Bill Witt

Pajaggle is an activity that everyone can play. It’s our slogan and we truly believe it. We also believe that something amazing happens when a game becomes more then just a game. So, why can everyone play? I would like to share a personal story that is close to my heart so keep reading….

The odd man out -

One day there were 11 boys standing on a basketball court getting ready to play a game. When it came time to start picking teams the traditional boyhood method was used, a couple captains picking one right after the other until each had 5 players. As a child you can’t imagine a fairer way to choose. Ultimately, in the end I was the 11th player. Yep, with 5 on 5, I was the odd man out. That was nearly 25 years ago and I still remember the day. I remember thinking to myself I can’t play today. It wasn’t that my classmates treated me unfairly, it just happened. Still the feeling being left out frankly just sucked. It was only after I created Pajaggle that I realized that this game could actually deal with the “odd man out” situation. That’s why everyone can play.

Do you have a story to share? If so we would love to hear how you use Pajaggle. Please leave us a comment.

Bill Witt

Founder, Pajaggle

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Pajaggle! – A totally different company!

Mike Brown

What makes Pajaggle different is that Bill Witt (creator) and I spent a lot of time just working hard to make the product work.  We didn’t follow the traditional start-up methodology of spending precious moments worrying about a business plan and putting together Power Point slides to show how interesting and terrific our ideas are.  We just started working hard to make the product so that our customers could tell us what we already thought – “Great game!”  Our three favorite words “Let’s play again!” became the desired outcome.

Now don’t get me wrong.  We penciled out on the back of the scrap paper…pricing, costs, and unit volumes.  We filed patents and trademarks and worked hard on what it means to be Pajaggle on branding.  We invented games, explored colors, changed materials and discussed what we wanted to do to build a company and what were the inherent attributes we were looking for in the people.  The cultural aspects of our company we wanted based on the the following ideas:

  1. You had to like playing the game of Pajaggle.  If you didn’t like to play it ..no matter how amazing you are as an individual…the job would be just a job.  We wanted passionately involved people.
  2. We adopted a “vote” mentality.  You vote with your actions and not your words.  Bill and I have been around way to long where the “talking” was more than the doing in some of the businesses we had been in.  So…we began to offer opportunities to different people…which we couldn’t pay a a salary for.  We made a promise to become a employee owned business.
  3. I worked with a company called W. L. Gore and Associates which is a private company (revenue is now in the Billions) and employee owned.  I’ve been modeling our business structure based upon that philosophy.
  4. We are not interested in outsourcing our product to China.  We were interested in developing world class manufacturing capability to supply the world or at least North America and finally,
  5. We discovered that everyone can play, there is this connection that happens during the game and well it was fun!  We’ve had 3 year old to  97 year old play the game.  Shortly we will play the game with sight impaired (blind) in order to really push the concept…so we have this amazing mixture of fun, inclusiveness and connectivity.

I invite you connect with us as we continue to grow as a company.  We’ve just launched the website www.pajaggle.com to begin to offer the product into the industry.  We are also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  We are beginning to crawl….

Mike Brown

CEO, Pajaggle

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Pajaggle now has a blog!  What is Pajaggle you ask?  Check out our video to find out more.

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