ASTRA: Best Toys For Kids Award

"Annually over 550 of America's top independent and neighborhood toy retailers select the Best Toys for Kids. Drawing upon our expertise, experience, and commitment to fulfilling play, ASTRA members handpick the most engaging, unique, open-ended, fun games for the year. "

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Creative Child Magazine: Game of the Year Award

"Creative Child Magazine's Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by moms, music educators and early education professionals. Products are not reviewed by any one person. They are reviewed by many people-the very people who purchase them."

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TillyWig: Best Family Fun Award

"Top-notch products that encourage interactive play or are well-suited to family fun.

Product awards are given on the basis of group play tests, the primary purpose of which is evaluating the entertainment and/or educational value of the products submitted."

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Bernie DeKoven's: Major Fun Award

"Pajaggle is the first ever puzzle game to win The Major Fun Keeper Award!

The MAJOR FUN AWARDS go to games and people that bring people fun, and to any organization managing to make the world more fun through its own personal contributions, and through the products it has managed to bring to the market."

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Family Review Center: Gold Award

" The Gold Award is designated for those who have brought to the marketplace products with value, purpose, class and longevity. These are products that go beyond what is expected of them and rise above with clarity and stability, adding a wow factor to the experience. Winners were selected based on their own merit, and not in competition with another.

It's a heck of a lot of fun! For one or for many, racing against yourself or one another, you have got to try Pajaggle. What a kick!! With multiple games, boards and piece sets to play with, the opportunities are endless. This is one that has been loved by every age we have placed it in front of. It is a great pass time even to have at your desk, when you get bored on lunch break! You don't have to be a kid to love it... grandpa will love it too. "

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